IPSC Ontario
IPSC Ontario
About IPSC Ontario
A background on IPSC Ontario, how it evolved, where it's going etc. Print out a Membership Renewal/Application

Your IPSC Ontario Board of Directors
A brief profile on each of your Board of Directors, their jobs within IPSC Ontario, and how to reach them.

IPSC Ontario Board Meetings and Financial Statements
Here you can find the minutes of our Board of Director meetings.

IPSC Ontario Match Policy
Here you'll find everything you wanted to know about hosting IPSC matches in Ontario.

IPSC Ontario's Junior Program
A program enabling our younger people to become involved in practical shooting.

IPSC Ontario logo policy
For your convenience we have provided a smaller, more suitable logo for inclusion in your Websites.

IPSC clubs in Ontario
A list of Ontario clubs that are actively engaged in IPSC.