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2012 IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship

Level III, July 4-8, 2012, Wilmot, Ontario

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Welcome to 2012 IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship. The match will be held at the Waterloo County Revolver Association from July 4th 2012 to July 8th 2012. The location of the range is 2278 Snyder's Road East, Wilmot, Ontario, Canada.

The match will consist of 13 stages and 200+ rounds.

The Match Fee is $120 ($60 for Juniors). Lunch will be provided for all workers and shooters.

Anybody who works 2 or more days will have their match fee refunded.

Match Hotel is Destination Inn & Suites, Waterloo. Hotel rooms are reserved under "IPSC Ontario Provincials" block and will only be held until June 3rd.

Should you have any questions please contact the Match Director Warren Davey at 647-407-3909 or via email at

IPSC Ontario

Warren Davey
Match Director